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Not sure if you should wear that Tommy Bahama shirt out tonight? The magnificent bastard is here to help. Go ahead. Ask away.

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Holiday gift guide 2007



Mini or Maxi. You choose. Either way, you're increasing mankind's magnificence, so purchase with confidence.

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for his keys
Playmobil 'Football' Player Keychain
High-end design from one of the world's greatest brands. Plastic.
Naked 'Camera Lady' Keychain
Pigtails and torpedo-style breasts and nudity. It doesn't get much better.
for notes and documents and shit
Developed for NASA and also used by Soviet cosmonauts. Now for the MB in your life who needs to write in a zero-gravity environment.
Costume National Document Holder
Even if he works in a weightless, paperless office, any MB taking this to meetings immediately becomes the smartest guy in the room.
for keeping the chill off an MB's neck
Barney's Co-Op Cashmere Scarf
Wool is just so uncivilized, especially when in direct contact with an MB's skin. Co-Op quality is impeccable.
Loro Piana Fur Scarf
Yeah, yeah, animal lovers. It is raccoon fur. Deal with it. Better on an MB's neck than roadkill in the middle of County Trunk A.
for boozing
Barney's New York Flask
Perfect starter flask for a young MB or an older model looking for a backup flask in pat-down situations.
Tiffany Flask
Heirloom-quality accessory from Tiffany & Co., sure to be passed down to the next generation of functional alcoholics.
for the MB who plays the greatest game
Rocket Tour Headcover
If there's anything more pathetic and un-MB than a manufacturer's acrylic headcover on something as beautiful as a Titleist 905S, please let us know.
SkyCaddie SG5
SkyCaddie SG5. $429.95
MBs need to know the exact distance to the pin at all times. Period.
for getting out of the shower
Genuine Turkish Bathrobe
Get your MB wrapped in fine cotton from the Denizli region of Turkey. Then unwrap.
Loro Piana Cashmere Robe
Hef doesn't know what he's missing.
for world domination
24-City World Map Clock
When he's doing deals around the globe, it's best to know the time.
Original Kilburg Geochron
Next to the beer koozie, humankind's greatest invention. And that ain't no joke.
for office horseplay
Desktop USB Missile Launcher
Peace through strength. Any potential breach of an MB's personal space must be defended vigorously.
Tranquilizer Dart Gun System
All those assholes he works with had better watch out. One more mention of the word "ideate" and it's sweet dreams.