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Saturday, November 18, 2017

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Project Runway Odds - Week 4

<em>Project Runway</em> Odds - Week 4
Let's be frank. We kicked ass last week. Of our bottom four picks, three of them were on the chopping block, and thankfully the annoying Carmen is gone. We've clearly underestimated Jack, whose win has forced us to reevaluate his chances.

This week is a team challenge, and the previews hint that either Victorya or Ricky are toast. The smart money stays with Ricky going auf. Our Week 4 predictions, with odds of elimination tonight and change from last week:

Name Odds Movement Our Take
Project Runway - Rami Rami 40:1 - Continues to impress, though no longer the obvious front-runner.
Project Runway - Kevin Kevin 40:1 - At this point a co-favorite with Rami.
Project Runway - Steven Steven 30:1 - Sense of humor, talent keeps him firmly in the upper tier.
Project Runway - Victorya Victorya 20:1 down Partnership with headcase Ricky jeopardizes her position.
Project Runway - Kit Kit 20:1 - Witty blonde has distinquished herself as a contender.
Project Runway - Jack Jack 15:1 up We've misjudged Jack, and for that we're sorry.
Project Runway - Chris Chris 15:1 up Cannot possibly win, but talented enough to last a few more weeks.
Project Runway - Jillian Jillian 10:1 down Ralph Lauren experience helped with last challenge, though her invisibility is a red flag.
Project Runway - Christian Christian 10:1 - Age may end up limiting his ability to stay.
Project Runway - Elisa Elisa 8:1 down "Different" 42 year-old has righted the ship after a very shaky start, but c'mon.
Project Runway - Sweet P Sweet P 4:1 up Not quite as doomed as Ricky, yet still doomed.
Project Runway - Ricky Ricky 2:1 down Partnership with talented Victorya will further highlight weakness. Double-plus doomed.



Rusty Gets Nailed

An MB-updated version of the Rusty Nail (3 oz scotch / 1 oz Drambuie).

  • a healthy dose of a single malt scotch (The Macallan)
  • splash of Drambuie

Serve on the rocks with a lemon twist. An hour later roll yourself into bed (not necessarily alone).

In-Depth Rusty Gets Nailed Coverage:

Magnificent Bartender: Rusty Nail


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