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Friday, March 1, 2024

Ask the MB: Lots of Fat MBs

Ask the MB: Lots of Fat MBs
Q: You can't think of any fat guys who are MBs? How about Sydney Greenstreet or Charles Laughton? Auric Goldfinger or the Kingpin? Magnificent Bastards all.

A: Let's just say we have different definitions of Magnificent Bastard-dom. Who's the MB in this picture? (Hint: It's not the guy on the left who cheats at both cards and golf.) Now, if you had said "Fat Elvis" instead of some tubby Brits and a comic book character, you'd have an argument.

UPDATE: Reader Sid chimes in with an MB-endorsed observation:

As to whether or not a fat guy can be an MB, I'm going with "yes, but it's really hard to pull off."

Case in point: Winston Churchill. yeah, he's a Brit, but a certain degree of Anglophilia is well within MB rights (you've said as much yourselves). Snappy dresser, master drinker, always ready with a quip, and pretty much singlehandedly kept Britain's shit together during WW2.

I'll admit, he started off skinny (like Brando) and got increasingly fat and nasty (like Brando) but the height of his MB-dom was obviously during WW2, at which point he was definitely on the tubby side of things.

Corrolary: Orson Welles. Sure, he also got fat and nasty by the endgame, but Welles was an MB's MB.



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